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15 Ways To Improve Your Kissing Skills

There is no denying kissing is important in love, especially since it's usually your first initial physical contact with a new partner. It's also why a bad kiss can end something even before they start.

Of course, bad kissing is subjective. While you may not liked your teeth licked during a make-out session, I'm sure someone out there does, and if that makes them happy and turn them on, then good for them.

The effect a good kiss has is like a drug, due to a neurotransmitter called dopamine that's released, causing you to crave more. It's why we list after people who are great kissers, and forget the ones who aren't. But no worries, anyone can be a good kisser, here are 15 tips to prove my point.

1. Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Have you ever tried to kiss someone whose lips were chapped? Yes, it's not great. So make a point of preparing your lips before a kiss by applying lip balm. If you don't have any on hand, sip some water or quickly moisten ur lips before leaning in, and the kiss will be much more pleasurable.

2. Avoid Pungent Food Before A Kiss

If you know that your chance of kissing is high, you might want to skip smelly foods like garlic, raw onions, cabbage, broccoli, and excessive coffee and liquor. These items, although delicious, can do a number on not just our mouths, but our stomachs.

Bad breathe isn't always found on your tongue, but can make it way up the throat from the pits of the bowels, and will be extra strong after eating these foods. While it's not the end of the world, knowing you breathe is fresh will make way for a better kiss, because you won't be holding back.

3. Have Mints On Hand

You never know when a kiss could happen, so having mints or some sort of minty candy and gum on hand is a great idea. But, let's say for the sake of argument, your roommate stole the last of your minty freshness from your bad. In that case, a lemon is a pretty decent second choice.

4. Follow Your Partner's Lead

Now, to get into the actually act of kissing, remember that it's all about compromise - especially if you and your partner don't have the same technique. Not everyone kisses the same way, which is why it's often a matter of meeting in the middle. You know, a proper give and take. So, if you notice you have different techniques, try letting your partner lead the way.

5. Or, If Need Be, Lead The Way

Or, if things are going in a territory that ain't your kissing scene, then take the reins and lead the way. There is nothing wrong with taking over a bit when it comes to kissing, or showing someone what you like.

Some people are timid their kisses, while others have really learned how to kiss. Think of it this way, by taking control you'll be helping your kissing partner and bringing to their life the joy of perfect kiss.

6. Remember There's More To Kiss Than Just Lips

A really awesome make-out session is about the neck, the earlobes, collarbone, the cheeks, and maybe a bit of play-biting too, if everyone is ok with it. It's also about occasionally stopping and looking at each other, or maybe even telling them how much you enjoy kissing them. Don't be afraid to move past the lips.

7. Don't Be Afraid To Be Honest

If the kiss isn't going well, don't be afraid to say something about it and suggest trying it again. If your partner values your input, they will definitely want to hear what you have to say.

In turn, open your mind (and ears) to their input on your kissing too. Sometimes your lips and tongue can only haggle so much before you just need to stop and talk about it. It will be a learning experience for both of you.

8. Have The Tongue Versus Lips Chat

Some people are more into lippy kisses, while others prefer more tongue. The reason why people kiss this way is either because that's all they know or that what they ultimately prefer. Either way, it's definitely something to discuss so you can get on the same page.

9. Give Positive Feedback To Each Other

Nothing boosts a kiss than telling each other, "you are a great kisser." If you can't say that without feeling like a liar, though try sandwiching the positive feedback. In other words, give them a compliment, then a constructive critique, then another compliment. This will soften the blow of pointing out "flaw," while also making it easier to overcome.

10. Kiss With Your Whole Body

Passionate kisses mean putting your whole being into it, so try using your whole body to show just how much you're enjoying yourself, possible by caressing your partner's hair, holding their faces, or pressing up against them. Trust me, it's hot.

11. Don't See It As A Necessary Step To Sex

Although I know to some people that kissing, is something you do as a lead-up to sex, you don't have to see it like that. Kissing is something that should be able to exist on its own and not be viewed as a base you need to touch before you can score your home run. Kissing, in itself is really satisfying, but if you're thinking of it as a step, then you'll miss out on the satisfaction.

12. Don't Compare Your Partner's Kissing Techniques To Your Past Patners

It won't do any good to compare your current partner's kissing to those from your past. While doing so doesn't make you a bad person at all, it is an unfair way to approach physical intimacies, because we all do things differently and we all enjoy those differences in other ways. Not to mention, it'll take you out of the moment, which will further distract from the kiss.

13. Have Regular Make-out Sessions

Kiss often. Kiss every chance you get. Let your kisses linger and turn them into proper Make-out sessions. Practice makes perfect, and kissing is healthy.

14. Close Your Eyes

When you block out one sense, the other senses become heightened. If you don't believe me, cover your eyes the next time you take a bit of pizza; you'll just see that it tastes even more amazing. Because of this, closing your eyes while kissing will make it much better too.

15. Give A Bad Kisser A Second Chance

If you do come across a bad kisser, consider giving that person another chance, especially if your date was good otherwise. While it's true that a kiss can make or break a connection, it's also a skill that can be practiced! Being open is what makes someone a great kisser. And learning how to be a better kissers, together, can be so much fun.

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