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Stop Calling Your Partner Boo, Here Are Some Romantic Names To Call Him Instead

Many ladies call their man Boo, when there are many romantic names they can call him that will male him feel loved and even love them more. Below are a list of romantic names you can call your partner instead of Boo.

1 Honey

Although this name is old fashioned, but it is a very romantic name that you can call your man which will make him feel loved

2 My hero

You can call your man my hero, which will make him know and feel that you feel secure and protected with him.

3 The father of my children

When you call your man this way, you are acknowledging him as the father of your children.

4 My cupcake

This is one of the romantic names you can call your partner, which can make him feel excited and happy in his heart.

5 My superman

6 My butterfly

7 My defender

8 My heartbeat

When you call your man by this name, you will be letting him know that your heartbeats for him and only him.

9 My Sugar

10 My Eternal

It is a way of letting your partner know that you want to spend a lifetime with them.

11 My handsome

Let your man know he is handsome, my calling him "My handsome". These will make him feel he deserves you.

12 My Everything

Make your partner see that you mean everything to him, by calling him "My Everything". Which will make him confident about not losing you to another man.

With these names above, your will love and cherish you more. So sometimes, you just have to think about romantic names you can call your partner.

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