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Opinion: Why Celebrities Marriages Fail

Marriages are set up by God. The Scriptures rightly said he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God. It was God's idea that a man should not be alone, that man should have a companion.

Some marriages today are sweet, some are bitter sweet, some too are abusive and some end in divorce. 

Some celebrity weddings are always big, massive and extravagant and attended by top dignitaries. But sadly, most of their marriages fail and end in divorce even when the union is blessed with kids.

Below are some of the reasons celebrity marriages fail

1. Fame: sometimes fame comes with pride. Some celebrities do not build their homes, they are carried away by fame. And with time the marriage begins to have fights.

2. Imitation: Some celebrities tend to imitate the lifestyles of the western worlds who end their marriages anytime things are no longer working out between them. Celebrities tend to forget their heritage. They fail to protect their marriages.

3. Pride: it is said that pride goes before a fall. Some people are full of pride and ego. Marriage requires submissiveness from the part of the woman. The woman is to respect her husband and the husband should love their wives. Two captain cannot be in one boat.

4. Cheating: This is what kills marriages more, not only celebrity marriages. Most celebrity cheat on their partner which breeds quarrels between them, and if not properly managed can end in divorce.

5. Lack of commitment: marriages requires the both parties to be committed to each other, committed to making the marriage work, committed in loving each other.  

6. Lack of trust: Trust is one very vital factor that is necessary for marriage to stand out. Trust is everything. You should be able to trust your partner. When partners fail to trust one another, divorce is inevitable. Trust is like an egg, when broken cannot be fixed back. So be real to your partner. Celebrity marriages fail because most times, they lack trust and faith on their partner.

7. Lack of understanding: Lack of understanding can make marriage fail. Understanding is a YES and a MUST in every relationship. Celebrity marriages tend to fail due to lack of understanding.

8. Social Media: Social media has done more harm than good to so many marriages out there. Marriages shouldn't be to impress anyone. Most people on social media live fake lives, and are depressed. Some celebrities leak the issues they have in their homes on social media. Matters that could ordinarily be resolved within the family is dragged online for social media users to add their quota.

Some celebrities also go into marriage with the mindset of impressing and oppressing others and for materialistic things. Some of them divorce their partner because of Peer groups influence and fans.

Celebrities should guide their marriages. Their marriages should serve as a good examples to their fans and the general public at large. They should be role models to many marriages out there. Sadly, only few celebrity marriages actually last.

Content created and supplied by: Uwanne (via Opera News )

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