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Ladies, these are 10 Signs to know if you are Ready for Marriage

" it's better to be single hoping to marry,than to marry and praying to be single again"

Your friends are pairing off, and you feel like it time to settle down. Are you just giving into peer pressure or do you really want to marry your partner? Check out these signs and see if you're ready for marriage.

1. You know why you want to get married:

There are pictures of tuxedos and white dress all over your Facebook feed-- is that what you want? Do you just want to be able to say you are married, or do you really want to spend your life with your partner?

Think about WHY you want to get married. What benefits will you get from marrying your partner as opposed to continuing your relationship as it is?

Ask yourself that hard question and make sure you are ready for marriage.

2. You are planning a marriage not a wedding:

Weddings are fun parties, a chance to see all your friends and family in one place. But it's this why you are getting married?

Do you just want to have a big party and be center of attention? Weddings last several hours, but marriage last forever. (Hopefully) Don't plan one day how your everyday life will be with your partner, even when you are not the center of attention.

3. You've lived your own life:

Is true some high school sweethearts can marry and make it work. But that's not, common studies show it's best to wait until you are 25 or older to get married. You are more matured, you have lived more of your life. It's doesn't mean you have date everyone who crosses your path , but you have had a chance to meet different people and realized what you want and what you don't want in your life. This will help you pick your perfect partner.

4. Your relationship is deep:

In the beginning you and your partner flirted, went out alot, staying in bed alot.... But if you're getting, you need to have deep relationship. Deeper than just having fun all the time, going out every night, been carefree. You need to be able to tough issues together.

5. You know and trust your partner:

No matter how long you guys have been together, you need to know your partner completely. Don't get married just because you have been dating for four years. Get married because you know your partner.

You know their past and hope and their dreams. You can imagine their reaction to certain things. You know all this and you still love them beyond that, you trust them. Trust is vital for a marriage, so make sure you can trust your partner completely.

6. You don't want to change your partner:

Don't marry your significant partner and think the will change. Marry them because you love them as they are. Making a major commitment won't change anyone. Thought it make you have to work harder on relationship. Don't expect the marriage to change your relationship either. A wedding is not going to hed a major rif between you.

7. You resolve conflicts together:

Don't just gloss over problem and think forgetting them will make them better. Work out any kink in your relationship, so they won't blow up later. Don't get married because you think it will solve problem. Solve the problem first. If you cannot work now out any issues, then you and your partner won't be able to communicate effectively. Resolving conflicts and compromising in a relationship will make a strong foundation of a healthy marriage.

8. You make long term plans together:

In a new relationship it's okay to fly by seat of your pants. You can things at the last minute and don't to plan beyond next Saturday night date. Once you get serious and decide to commit to each other, you need to make plans together. What if your partner wants to travel the world? Are you ok with it with staying at home alone or would you go with your partner? Know what each of you want and make sure you are ok with working these goals and plans together.

9. Your family and friends like your partner.

When you are newly in love, you may feel like nothing else matters. Once are committed, you realize that everything matters. Initially, you might not care that your dad doesn't approve of your partner. What does it matter when you are the one thing dating them? But over time, this small rif will affect your life and your relationship. If your family and friends don't like your partner where is support system? Will you alienated from your friends to invited to your family events? Also remember that your friends and family know you best and if you think there's a problem with your relationship, may be you should listen.

10. You can imagine your life without your partner:

Overall, you are in love with your partner. You can't see yourself with anyone else. You can't see yourself without your partner. If you know you can't be happy with another person and you'd be incredibly happy without your current partner, ley it go and enjoy your loving relationship and marriage.

Note: it's an everlasting decision so ladies heed to normal signal.

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