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See These Fake Doll Babies That Look Like Real Babies

I know you thought these are real babies, I thought so too because they look so realistic and alive. They are actually baby dolls that look human, they are known as Reborn silicone dolls.

A reborn doll is a doll that is made, right from a manufactured doll that an artist made to look like a real infant, these dolls are also known as silicone dolls. This practice is known as reborning, while the people that makes these dolls are reborners.

These reborn dolls are sometimes made as a replacement, for a baby that had died just after they were born. They are also made to imitate the childhood pictures of babies, also to serve as a play toy for kids.

These dolls are also made to serve as babies to women who are barren, These dolls make them feel whole and happy, it also makes them feel as though they are mothers. The dolls comes in different sizes, there are male, female, premature babies and many more.

See the adorable baby dolls below;

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