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5 Ways To Prevent Money from Ruining Your Relationship

5 Ways To Prevent Money from Ruining Your Relationship

Money can ruin a relationship if not well controlled and monitored. Therefore it is very vital for couples to talk about money, discuss spending habits, figure out how to pay bills together and develop a budget to help with the future in every healthy relationship. Most people believe that money is the root of all evil while others believe the love of money is the source of all evil but money can be the unseen enemy in loving committed relationships if couples are not careful.

Money ruins a relationship very easily because each partner in a romantic relationship has his/her own money awareness and desires, which most times is different from the second partners position and perspective.

A situation where one partner wants a budget and the other wants to be care free, one is considered cheap/frugal while the other has an expensive taste, one person has savings while the other person has mounting credit card debt; can ruin a relationship.

As committed partner in a relationship it is your responsibility to prevent money from ruining your relationship by applying knowledge and wisdom.

Here are 5 Ways you can prevent Money from Ruining Your Relationship

1. Have a Money Plan.

If you must keep money from ruining your relationship, you and your partner must Work on a plan for your money. For most partners that means developing a budget or financial plan. This could also include working with a financial planner, whatever and however you do just ensure you have a money plan for now and the future while in a romantic relationship. Having a money plan will save you and your partner from unnecessary expenditures, debts and little issues that leads to money fights.

When it comes to money matters in a relationship the disparities aren’t as polarizing as it seems, but there are differences that each couple should pay attention to in order to reduce money battles and tension in the relationship. As the tension builds over the course of the relationship, the couple starts to experience power struggles. At this point, “I make the money, so I make the decisions,” or “I take care of the kids, so I make decisions,” or “I worked hard this week, and I deserve to treat myself.” becomes common statements. Having a money plan will help couples avoid such scenarios.

2. Be committed to your plan.

Do your best to stick or be committed to whatever plan you and your partner comes up with. Because if you don’t you will only sabotage your partner, relationship and end goal. Most of our perspectives and attitudes towards money came from what we have witnessed throughout our lives. How our colleagues, friends or neighbors’ use or misuse money can shape our thoughts and actions towards a money plan already agreed on.

Being committed to a money plan will helps prevent money from ruining our relationships because It makes one to be disciplined towards money matters.

3. Discuss all money matters.

Talk to your partner sooner rather than later about your views, values and perspectives about money, make sure you are heard and understood. Carry your partner along in all money matters. The financial imprint from friends and society can manifest itself not only in clear obvious ways but in unclear ways as well. These conscious and subconscious experiences with money can create a divide between you and your partner without a proper approach. Discuss all purchases, bills, travels, expenditures etc together. Discussing all your money matters with your partner will definitely keep money away from ruining your relationship.

4. Work like a team.

If you must prevent money from ruining your relationship you must learn to work like a team with your partner in all money matters. Be sincere to your partner and stick to true or accurate figures. Don’t try to hide your real financial situation and present something else to your partner. Always take steps and do all you can to ensure money, its role and purpose are properly defined in your relationship. Work like a team and have the same financial goal that prevents money control struggles and fights. If you Work like a team in all your money matters, you will show each other love and support instead of resentment when money matters comes up in your relationship.

5. Enjoy Your Relationship.

If you must prevent money from ruining your relationship you must learn to enjoy, appreciate and celebrate your partner. In all your plans, set out money to go on dates, vacations activities, shopping and other fun things that makes your relationship enjoyable. Use humorous approach to discuss who spends the most, how you will work to save towards your money plan/goal. Ensure that your love and support for each other outweighs your different perspectives on money.

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