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Show respect to area boys in your streets, it'll save your life one day - see reactions on Facebook

A Facebook user made a post on Facebook where he wrote:

"Be kind to those " Area boys" On your street, if you can, show love to them whenever, if you don't have or gifts just treat them with respect, don't belittle them because you feel you're bigger than them. 'Make una leave am na my person' has saved so many lives"

See pics below

The post attracted so much comments, some of the people who commented found the post to be truthful as they have come across such thing b4. While some people did not see any reason for showing respect to area boys.

Below are some of the comments

I personally have experienced this before, I was coming back from lecture when some group of guys stopped me and was about collecting my belongings when one of the guy I use to greet always saw what was going on and said that they should leave me, that am his personal person. That was how that guy saved me.

Do you agree with the guy?

Have u ever experienced something like this before? Share your story?

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