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How To Calculate Your Ovulation And Circle Length - A Doctor Educates Women

Education based on one's health is very important. Every individual should make sure that they know more about their health and wellness.

A doctor known on social media especially on Tweeter as @DrZobo , has taken to her official Tweeter account educating women on how to calculate their ovulation and cycle length. Read her tweets below;


Every woman should know this!

Firstly, understand the following: 

1) Cycle length-

Calculation: Interval between first day of your period, and the first day of the next period!

Normal range: 21-35 days."

"2. Menstrual Flow- Range. 2-7 days

3. Ovulation date: Subtract 14 from your average cycle length. Add or minus 2 days. That’s your range.

Are these ranges fixed? Why does my cycle length or ovulation date fluctuate? When is my safe period?

Find out here:

Link "

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