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Here are the 20 possible things that kill marriages fast

Marriage is the first institution designed by God where a man and woman will leave their father and mother and be joined together in the holy matrimony as husband and wife. Nowadays, most marriages are divided due to one reason or the other. The rate of divorce keeps increasing on a daily basis. From my research, I come to realize that there are things some spouses are doing or lacking in their marriages which bring about divorce. In this article, I am going to share with you 20 things that can kill marriages fast, and such things are;

1. Laziness 

2. Suspicion 

3. Lack of trust

4. Lack of mutual respect 

5. Unforgiveness

6. Arguments 

7. Infidelity 

8. Keeping secrets from your spouse

9. Poor communication 

10. Lies

11. Relating more to your parents than your spouse 

12. Spending less time with your spouse 

13. Constantly wearing a sad face 

14. Hot temper

15. Lack of knowledge of the Word of God 

16. Not being sensitive to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of your spouse

17. Spurning correction and reprimand

18. Nagging

19. Being too independent minded 

20. Not understanding your role and position in marriage as instituted by God

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