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True Life Story: He Rejected My Love, Because Am Not Educated, Lastly Became My Driver.

With a deep heart full of pains , my eyes full of tears , the world seems to have rejected me , my ideas, passion and dreams are destroyed, my entire days was full of loneliness, anxiety and depression .

My name is Amaka the second daughter of my father, my parents love for me highly over whelming , they always device me about relationship issues and how i can find a life partner.

At early stage of my life I had a lover, whom i thought I will spend the rest of my life with , we dated for five years, truly he is a good person , with good intentions and optimistic about the future , he loved me , care for me, also I gave him all the attention needed by me , I entrust all my hopes on him , I rely on him , we shared absolutely everything together .

To tell you the extent of our relationship , the both family knows about our friendship , But suddenly he went to university , studied Marketing , we communicated all through.

Some months after his graduation , he called me and said " I have gone to school and seen the beauty of education , I can't marry an uneducated girl " .

That day was the beginning of life , I held on strongly on his words "not educated ", I was determined to go to the university , I went through hell , did all manner of works to prove to him , that I am a better person .

Fortunately, I graduated, it was like a miracle , I found a rich husband , my husband decided to employ a driver for me , suddenly an applicant of the job was my ex boy friend .

I double his payment , he decided to enrol , we are living in a world , we cant predict the future , pls don't underestimate any body , because you dont no your helper .

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Amaka True Life Story


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