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Four Words You Should Learn to Use Often In Your Relationship

I'm Sorry

The truth is that the two parties in a romantic relationship sometimes experience some arguments. And these do not necessarily make the relationship unhealthy unless if the arguments remain unsolved. We resolve these arguments that arise by learning to say "I'm Sorry" first: actually, you don't have to be the one at fault so far you desire oneness and not divorce. 

Thank You

For every little act of kindness from one party,a little thank- you is never too much. Saying this doesn't make you small as some have erroneously suggested that it does.And remember that "thank-you" is a language every loves to hear.You don't have to save your spouse this because she does the thing for the good of you both. I will recommend you make saying thank-you for everything you receive henceforward a part of you.


The two parties should learn to use this. Claiming a rightful owner of a thing in marriage doesn't help the health of the marriage.If you will learn using this as an individual now,you won't find yourself commanding yourself every time you want a thing done for and to you. And you know that no lady wants to be commanded like a kid up and down.

I Love You

Use this as often as you breath in every of your engagements with your spouse. I won't recommend this to be said only by men because I believe that men also desire to hear they are loved too. Thus, both parties should express their love in words and deeds.

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