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Pregnancy period

3 Things To Do For Your Woman When She's Pregnant

Being pregnant is one of those painful experience that every woman must go through. However, it's a very rare opportunity for you to show that romantic side of yours.

Here are the 3 things your woman would like you to do for her when she's pregnant.

1. Take Her Out For A Body Massage

Pregnancy comes with many changes to the body of a woman, coupled with the fact that she's carrying extra weight around, booking a full-body massage might be a great idea.

2. Relieve Her Of Her Duties

If your woman is the workaholic type who wakes up very early in the morning to carry out her chores and kitchen duties, being pregnant should force you to give her a break.

Allow her to have a full rest while you carry out all those activities that she normally does, and if you're the very busy type, hire a house help shouldn't be a big deal.

3. Tolerate Her

When a woman is pregnant, deciding and standing by that decision becomes a very hard thing for her to do. 

She might ask you to prepare her favourite meal, and after you've spent hours preparing the food, she would say she has lost appetite, or she would like to eat something else.

This is where some men easily lose their temper, but instead of joining them, tolerating this behaviour from the woman you love shouldn't be a big deal.

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