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Husband and wife relationship

2 Ways To Make Your Husband Respect You More

As a wife, you also hold a huge stake in your marriage and as such, there are ways you can help make your marriage stronger and increase the respect your husband has for you. Increasing the respect your husband has for you is not rocket science, it simply has to do with the little things you do consciously or subconsciously when you are with your husband or when you are simply at home.

Wives, Here are 2 ways to make your husband respect you more.

1. Accord him the same respect you desire from him. It is often said that respect is reciprocal and as such, you should learn to treat your husband the same way you would want him to treat you. For example, If you know you would not like to be talked down on, try not to also talk down on your husband. If you know you do not like to be shouted on, try not to also shout on your husband. If you constantly pay attention to little things like this, you would discover that your husband would start respecting you more.

2. Learn to always encourage him and make him feel wanted. It is quite known that men have a bit of an ego and as a woman, you should learn how to caress his ego. Learn to praise your husband and constantly remind him of how important he is to you. This would help raise his manly ego and at the same time, he would respect you more because he also knows you value him too.

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