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Divorce Affair

4 Women Who Threw A Party After They Divorced Their Husbands

Days ago it was reported by blogs that a certain Nigerian lady, Dr Ikea Bello had celebrated her divorce by throwing a party. She went as far as inviting her female friends and they all dressed in matching outfits.

Dr. Ikea Bello

Indeed it was a very interesting thing to behold. What she did generated lots of reactions on social media. Many supported her while a few others were against her.

However, it may surprise you to know that Dr. Bello is not the only woman who has thrown a party after getting divorced in the past. Below are other women who once did the same thing.

1) Uwaila Abonson

This Nigerian mother of two celebrated her divorce from her husband, Emmanuel Arigbe Osula after many years of being together. To celebrate her divorce, she had cupcakes on a board that read 'Not a do or die, Happily divorced'.

Furthermore, she went out if her way to publicly call out the side chicks that ruined her home and the role they all played. She gave them strict warning to stay away from her children.

According to her she left the marriage because she was always getting disrespected.

2) Nicole Niesner

Nicole is a Canadian woman who also celebrated her divorce on the day it was finalized, in Grand style. According to Nicole she had the choice of either crying on that day and be miserable or Celebrate a new beginning and second chance. She chose to celebrate.

Nicole is in the middleHer friends came to the party and they didn't just bring food they brought their own wedding dresses. They all dressed up and reminisced about their weddings, family and children. They were there to make Nicole feel loved and happy because going through a divorce can be very hard and emotionally disturbing.

3) Unidentified South African woman

This woman happily Celebrated her divorce as well by throwing a party and inviting few friends over. On her celebration cake, "free at last" was written. 

According to reports she suffered terribly in an abusive relationship and was happy to be out.

From all this above, one thing I observed is that when you see a woman celebrating divorce with such happiness, she was never happy in the marriage. Either she was physically, emotionally or verbally abused so much that she had to call it quits.

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