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Men, If You Notice These Things In Your Woman, Leave Her.

1. Any woman that value her phone chat than your present, leave her.

2. Any woman that calls you only when she needs financial help, leave her.

3. Any woman that doesn't appreciate the little you have, leave her.

4. Any woman that cheats on you always and apologizes later, leave her, she is purposely doing it.

5. Any woman that goes out of your presence to receive calls, leave her, she is cheating on you.

6. Any woman that whenever she visits you in your house, she cannot help in house activities, leave her, she is a lazy type.

7. Any woman that doesn't give you respect, leave her, women are meant to be submissive.

8. Any woman that doesn't respect your parents, leave her. If she doesn't respect your parents, she won't respect you.

9. Any woman that is untruthful, leave her, she is not to be trusted.

10. Any woman that likes going to clubs at night, leave her.

11. And if your woman likes dressing indecently in public, leave her.

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