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Check Out Not-So Secret Ways To Ensure A Happy, Strong, And Healthy Relationship

As time progresses, generations passing, and technology upgrading, people find it so hard to keep their relationship going. Movies and books end up setting standards too high and continue creating more hopeless romantics in this world - not that it's a bad thing. You find yourself in a constant battle with a fictional character because they treated their partners in the story the same way that your partner demands to be treated. Then, on social media, you see couples showing off how perfect their relationships are, which makes you jealous. There are plenty of other reasons why relationships don't last, and everyone is tired of this happening. To combat these issues, we came up with a list of tips and tricks to help you keep your relationship happy, healthy, and secure.

1. “Honey, I’m Home!”

If you are living together or are already married, maybe you can start by making sure that you greet your partner every time you come home. The tone of your voice will surely alert them on how your day went, and you can sit down and talk about it. Your partner may even prepare your comfort food for you to make your day better if you had a bad day. If they hear a cheery tone, they may even end up popping open a bottle of your favorite drink to celebrate. Greeting your partner will also make them feel at ease that you are still aware of their presence and have been thinking about seeing them on your way home.

2. Don’t Forget To Go On Dates.

Going on dates will always remind you of how you started out, and just like your first dates, you might still get to know new things about your partner. Your dates don’t have to be always expensive, or they don’t have to happen all the time. You can make up regular date nights that you know you will still enjoy while mixing in something new every so often. Basically, dates were made for you to get to know your partner better because even if your dates are the same, you can be faced with different situations every time, and you might learn just how your partner will handle it.

3. Think Of One Thing That You Love About Your Partner Everyday

Mentally listing down one thing that you love about your partner every day will continuously remind you as to why you fell in love with them in the first place. The more you do this, the more that your feelings of love may grow inside of you for them. It can be a physical attribute or a part of their personality, list it down; it’s as simple as that.

4. Eye-To-Eye Connection

Everyone knows a person that can’t seem to look another person right into the eyes. It’s because it may be too intimate for them. That is why you need to have that eye-to-eye connection with your partner every moment you can get. Looking into your partner’s eyes can keep that intimate bond between the two of you. The mere act of looking into their eyes can show you the emotions that their entire face or body does not display.

5. Take A Break From Technology Together.

Do you know how there are a lot of people who say that technology connects people who are far but disconnects people who are close by? Well, that’s because that statement is true. The more you stay on your phones or other types of gadgets, the more you lose that physical connection with your partner. Try to schedule a day without any technology interaction to keep your physical intimacy with your partner.

6. It’s The Little Things That Matter.

Small acts of kindness and love for your partner will go a long way. We don’t notice it, but the slightest inconvenience can ruin your partner’s day. So try applying that to your relationship - always keep in mind to do at least one small good deed for your partner, and this might lift the mood. Maybe write little notes, or try making them a cup of coffee or milk while they’re working on a presentation for the next day? These little things will always remind them that you care.

7. “I Love You”

Don’t forget to tell them that you love them every day. Just by saying these three words will light up their mood and remind them that you love them. These three words will always assure them that you haven’t forgotten that you love them. If you are more of an action kind of couple, make sure that you say your own version of these three words to them every day to remind them continually. These not-so-secret ways of keeping a relationship healthy, strong, and happy are not that difficult. That’s why the saying “love is easy” is correct because when it is the right love, it’s not that difficult to maintain.

Content created and supplied by: Pheelphilly (via Opera News )


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