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3 Ways To Ask A Girl If She Has A Boyfriend Without Appearing Too Forward.

If you want to go into a relationship with a girl, it is right for you to know if she has a boyfriend or not. However, most boys feel that when they ask a girl about her relationship status, it makes them appear too forward and this is certainly not true. There are different ways to know if a girl is taking without looking too forward. However, we will be showing you three different ways to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend without sounding or appearing too forward.

1. Tell her that her boyfriend is lucky to have her. This is an easy way to know if a girl has a boyfriend or not. When you say this to a single girl, she would react by telling you that she does not have a boyfriend. With this, she might not know that you were trying to know her relationship status and so, you won't appear too forward. So, if you have an interest in her, you would be free to go ahead and ask her out without wasting any time.

2. Ask her how she spent her weekend. Most people spend their weekends with their romantic partners. So, if she replies to this question without mentioning her boyfriend, she may be still very single. To be sure, you might need to repeat this question on two different occasions and if she doesn't mention her boyfriend on any of these occasions then, she doesn't have one.

3. Just bring the question in front of her. Asking her plainly might not be a bad idea. No matter how long you have known each other, asking her if she has a boyfriend will not make you look too forward. You should ask her early before someone else does it before you.

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