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Five Of The Most Important Qualities Women Look For In A Man.

By nature a woman wants a man that is stable enough, a man that can take good care of her and her offspring. This is why a woman would often times look for the best option of man she can get before she settles down, this is just female nature.

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And in order for a woman to find a suitable suitor, their are certain characteristics she would look for, and when as a man you posses this characteristics, she instantly gets attracted to you. 

So in this article, I would be listing some basic characteristics a woman would often times look for in a man.

1. Stability.

This is one very important characteristic, no woman wants a man that is not yet stable, a man that can't even take care and f himself.

As a man wanting to settle down, atleast you should be financially stable, have a house and make a decent amount of money for a living, when you are a man that has it all together, women would often times be drawn to you more.

2. Emotional Maturity.

Another characteristic a woman looks for in a man is emotional maturity, a man that can control he's emotions, and doesn't let he's emotion get the best of him. As a man, you should be able to properly control your emotions.

3. Amazing Body.

Another thing women find attractive, is a man that has an amazing body, not the one that has a pot belly, and is not in shape.

When you are financially stable, emotionally mature, and still have an amazing body, it would be very hard for any woman to resist you.

4. Goals And Ambition.

As a man, you should have goals and ambitions for yourself, you should have a set plan and headed to a better place. When you are a man with goals and ambitions, and a woman is not your number one priority, women would be drawn to you because they want to be part of your world.

5. Romance.

If you have all the qualities listed above and yet you are not romantic, then the spark she has for you might quickly die down. You should learn to be romantic with women, because women love romantic and sweet guys.

So if you find yourself lacking on any of the aspect listed above, then work on yourself and become a more better version of you.

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