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"No Pretence, We Knew We Wanted To Be With Eachother, The First Day We Met " Bride-to-be Admits

True love doesn't necessarily come in a particular pattern or form. Many atimes I have heard singles who have had their hearts shattered a couple of times in the past tell me "I'm not in for a match make anylonger".

But hey! If you have followed the love stories I have shared here in the past couple of days, you would notice that, match making has been a consistent factor connecting people to their true love.

And here again, I bring to you yet another but inspiring brief love story of Abimbola and Olaseni who met through a mutual friend.

According to Abimbola's narrative:

Olaseni had gotten my phone number through his brother who coincidentally was a friend of my uncle.

So, Olaseni waited a few days and decided to call me on my birthday for the first time, we spoke briefly and that was it until a week later. He contacted me again and this time, we spoke at length for nearly 4-hours which made us realize that we both share a lot in common. And, that was the beginning of a spiral of phone calls.

A month later, they we met for the first time in London and there was no doubt in our eyes that we wanted eachother for the rest of their lives.

Now, we look forward to the the future as Olaseni and I take the next big step of saying "I do".

Source/Images: BellaNaijaWeddings

The moral of the story:

No matter how many times your heart have been shattered in the past, never shut the door to love is still possible for someone to sweep you off your feet. And again, if you find yourself in a position of being a vessel that it meant to link two people...please allow yourself to be used for that purpose and never kill that opportunity with your actions.

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