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Reasons Why Women Should Avoid Using a Female Condom On A Regular Basis

According to healthline Protection, or a condom, is an article of lingerie worn by a couple to lessen the chances of contracting an STD or becoming pregnant unintentionally during $exual action, as described by MedicalNewsToday.

The female partner may also wear a protective during sexual activity, similar to the male partner's protective.

The Mayo Clinic lists a variety of potential health risks associated with the persistent or frequent use of female protection during $exual activity. Although the Mayo Clinic advises against it, I'd like to briefly examine some of the reasons why female condom use is discouraged in this post.

One of the main reasons women should avoid protective gear is because it can cause itching, rashes, and burning sensations.

In addition, women shouldn't regularly use female protective gear because it has a greater failure rate than male protective gear and may not provide appropriate protection if it breaks or slides off during fervent acts of affection, increasing the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

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