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Guys, See 4 Reasons Why You Need A Woman In Your Life

Most people when they come of age fail to realise the importance of having a woman in their life, even from the time of creation the need of women were seen that was why they were created. Women are so important in the life of every man and today we will see just 4 reasons why you should have a woman in your life as a guy. Below are some of the reasons why women are needed;

1. Companion : every guy need companionship and that is where women come in, it is not good for a guy of age to be alone constantly the companionship of a woman can change plenty things.

2. Advice: women sometimes see thing differently than a man, they can give you handy advice when you are depressed and this can get you up on your feet.

3. Good meal: most men do not know how to cook so women does that better, they cook healthy food for a guy. Do not forget that a food cooked at home is better than one you don't know how the kitchen the food was prepared is.

4. Women makes a man feel loved: there is a special feeling woman gives that you cannot get else where. A woman makes you feel like the best person in the world, and showers you with so much love and affection.

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