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Tips For Better Sex After 50

Intercourse after 50 can be just as pleasurable as it is in younger years. However, as we age our bodies change and so do our intercourse-related preferences. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re taking the right steps to keep your intercourse life healthy and enjoyable. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

. Regular exercise

According to WebMD, staying physically active is one of the best ways to keep your intercourse life healthy after 50. Exercise increases circulation and endorphins, both of which can improve your intercourse performance and pleasure. Not to mention, it can help you feel better in general and give you more energy for intercourse activities.

. Try something new

No two people are the same and neither are two individuals' experiences with intercourse. If you’ve been feeling bored with your intercourse life lately, why not try something new? Whether it’s introducing new bedroom toys or trying out some new positions, adding some variety to your routine can be a great way to spice things up.

. Think beyond intercourse

Intercourse isn’t the only way to enjoy intimacy and pleasure. There are many other activities that can be just as fulfilling. Exploring and engaging in other forms of intercourse activities such as massage and touching can help to ensure that both partners experience pleasure.

. Talk things out

Communication is key when it comes to intercourse and relationships. Don’t be afraid to talk about your needs, desires, and expectations with your partner. This will help to ensure that both of you are comfortable and that you’re both on the same page when it comes to your intercourse life.

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