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An African clan where ladies bride price is graded according to the plate size their lips can carry

Ethiopia is one of the country located in Africa. It consists of many clans with diverse cultures. One Clan in Ethiopia is particularly known for its cultural practice of slicing the lower lips of females in a way that it can carry a plate. This clan is known as Mun Clan.

The Mun clan also known as Mursi clan is located between the Omo and Mago Rivers in Southwest Ethiopia. This clan is made up of a populace around 11,500 individuals.

The means of livelihood in this clan is mostly cattle herding and crop cultivation. This clan practices a culture known as 'Dirt plate custom'.

The dirt plate custom indicates the excellence and value of ladies locally. In this custom, when a girl attains 15 to 16years of age, her lower lip is sliced in a way to form a circle-like ring made up of lip muscles. This circle-like ring of lip muscles becomes extended with time as it expands to carry a mudded plate.

Furthermore, in the dirt plate custom, bride price value is placed on the size of the mudded plate the lower lip of the lady can carry. The bigger the plate the lip can contain, the more excellent the lady is and the more the bride price a man will pay to marry her.

That is to say that, the size of the plate her lower lip can carry determines her monetary worth in terms of bride price as it relates to marriage.

However, according to the National Daily Nigeria, this culture is considered brutal towards ladies. Also, a research written by Paideuma et. Al in 2012 on 'The Miranda and the cultural archieve: from Mun (Mursi) lip-plates, to body painting and back again' on JSTOR Journal, highlighted that this culture by the Mun clan has been tagged a harmful traditional practice in a government campaign.

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