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What an elderly man in my area advised me to do, to always remain very happy

Most of the time, I will just wake up feeling very sad, with no reason at all and I will be wondering why?.Whenever I snapped pictures my face would just appeared sad,even though I smiled.

This issue bothered me and it almost led to depression, when I met this elderly man at my area, who adviced on how to move on with this life happily with smiles with no depression or any thought of committing suicide.

My Dear readers,it worked like magic and that is why i'am here to share with you the wonderful guidelines given to me by an elderly man.Who knows,I might as well be helping someone out there..They are as follows

1)Have a steady job,that makes you happy

2) love yourself first, always look good, Nothing should come between you and your been happy because is the key to healthy living and long lives.

3) Marry one wife and have two children.

4) Love. your wife and kids and give them the chance to love you back.Maintain a good sexual relationship with your wife

5) Avoid Extra marital affairs. You might seem happy with it ,but it does not always end on a good note,which may leads to feeling sad.

6)Don't keep malice with anyone,just be a free man.

7)Try as much as possible to avoid debts.This is one of the major reason that makes you feel so sad,when you wake up.

8) Avoid too much alcoholic drinks. It can't erase your will only cause damages to the body which will result to feeling sad(He hit this on the nail).

9)He said avoid gossips,they are hypocrites.It is your stories that matters.Their stories are not relevant to you.

10)Avoid cultism and rituals.The end story is always sad.

11) Eat reasonably,do at least little exercises and always sleep on time to always wake up feeling happy and strong.

12) Take care of your parent and.extend the love to your family members.

13) Always pray to God and have his love at heart.

In case you are not married,don't forget number 3 to 5.let it be on your left palm,so you don't eat with it.(A proverb use by an elder telling someone not to ever forget).So the elderly man said.

If you have any other tips to share to someone out there ,please don't hesitate to write in the comment box below.Thank you

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