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Check Out The Soups That Are Common Among The 3 Major Tribes In Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with many tribes. And majority of these tribes have soup that are peculiar to them. Even though there are soup that are peculiar to some tribes, there are soup that are common among the major tribes in the country. It's hard to say from which tribe did the various soups originate from. Below are some of the soups that are common among the three major tribes in Nigeria

Egusi Soup

The egusi soup is a very popular soup in Nigeria. Many tribes in the country, not just the three most populated tribes prepare their various version of egusi soup. 


Okro soup is another popular soup in the country. From the South down to the North, the Okro soup is prepared by many Nigerians from different tribes. Though their different ways each tribe prepares their Poor soup. 

Vegetable Soup

Many Nigerians across tribes love vegetable soup due to its health benefits. 

The above soups are prepared by the Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba people. Other tribes equally prepare them.

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