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Wife-To-Be Cancels Wedding After Running Into Her Ex-boyfriend At A Mall - Man Shares Chat

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A Nigerian man has shared screenshots of his WhatsApp conversation with his fiancee who cancelled their wedding after running into her ex boyfriend at a mall.

From the conversation which was shared, the wife-to-be was explaining to her fiancee that she has found someone who completes her and will no longer continue with their wedding which is just in 2weeks.

She had bumped into her ex-boyfriend at a mall and the love between them reignited again. She told her fiancee to cancel the wedding because she can no longer be happy in the relationship.

She referred to her ex as her first love, stating bluntly that she still has mad feelings for him and she’s ready to spend the rest of her life with him, and not her fiancee.

Read their full conversation below;

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Peter Attah: You should be thanking God you haven’t married her yet, she would have been a side chick to her while with you. Now she’ll soon be your side chick.

Odion Michelangelo: Now he knows Y he has to find the value of X, keep your money and move on, it’s obvious she never got over him even while dating her present lover.

Idika Steven: The Ex promised Relationship that isn’t certain would lead to Marriage. The girl in question is two weeks unto marriage with all rites done.

The million question now is, why quit a potential two weeks marriage for a marriage relationship you aren’t sure of unless past glories. There is something missing here.

From the tone of that guy he is a nice guy who loves the lady and cares for her despite the slap 👋👋 approach.

We all don’t know what consequences our actions in this life towards others will cause us in nearest future, maybe not to us but our loved ones. Karma they say is a Bitch.

To the Young man, be thankful to God for removing her from your life. Gods Blessings is not only seen in what he gives us, but also in what he takes away from us.

If God gives us Blessings, does he not take away Sorrow from us too. You are healed.

Bill Appiah: Woman of this days I rather train a dog Dan lavish it a woman.

But always love a woman to the fullest but never trust a woman.

Marriage is a scam these days, get to know her family and start having babies no time.

Johnson Chinonso: See rubbish na. Kai. Women get mind. Person go dy love with caution.

Is termed as ‘reunion’. So the husband-to-be, should take heart, he will soon find his future wife.

Marvelous Omoike: Oga is God that do it for you, imagine see leave you on the alter on the wedding day.

She wasn’t yours from the beginning, what if you guys have wedded and she brought a bastard to your home to train. Therefore, rejoice and let go.

Olisah Favour: Don’t be surprised that same ex of hers she left you to be with, will eventually abandon her to marry someone else.

Her type full my friend list they all want to cheat on they husbands but God keep on protecting he’s children.

Yakubu Abubaka: It’s better you thank God,what if u marry her and kill you after few months and marry her ex.

I just hate guys that kill dere self for woman dat following another man up. Wat will happen wen u bring back wat make u believe her.

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