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If She Can't Do This One Thing For You, Don't Marry Her (Opinion)

Dating stage is a time you would know what your partner can do and she can't do. This stage is the stage when you get to know her and she in return will get to know you. As a man, if you have a girl you want to marry and she is not able to do this one thing that I will be discussing in this article, there's no need for you to marry her because it's not worth it.

While in the dating stage, there are traits you will notice in the girl you are dating. Those traits will determine if she is good enough for you or not. Also, the traits she finds in you as a man will also determine if she would marry you or not.

In any relationship, if your girlfriend cannot put you before her family, there's no need for you to consider marrying her. Some would say but it's still the dating stage she might change. The truth is, anything a woman can't do in the dating stage, she can't do it when you guys are married.

Marriage is all about sacrifices, if your girlfriend can't put you before her family when you guys are dating, she will never do that when you people get married. I have a relationship I ended with one beautiful girl I was in a relationship with. This girl was so glued to her family more than she was to me. I didn't have a problem with that until one day. One of her sisters came to visit us, this sister of her’s was using the laptop I bought for my girlfriend to watch a movie. I had some unfinished office work I had to finish using my laptop but it happened that my laptop got damaged the same day. I went to my girlfriend and asked her if I could make use of her laptop for some minutes, she told me she can't give it to me because her sister is using it to watch a movie. I was shocked by her response because I was the one that bought the laptop for her, also was the movie more important than the office work I had to finish? That scenario clearly showed me that she would never put me before her family no matter what. After the incident, I was sad and a couple of months later, I ended the relationship with her.

I ended the relationship because I've seen that she can't make sacrifices for me when the need arises and she loves her family more than me. If the girl you are dating and want to marry can't put you before her family, don't marry her.

Conclusively, sacrifices are one of the things that can keep your marriage going. If the girl you want to marry can't sacrifice for you, don't marry her.

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