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Some things that You Do As a lady that Keep Men Away from You but You are Not Aware

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There are some Ladies out there, they are smart, beautiful and so on but still have a hard time getting a man to stick with them and have a committed relationship with them that would lead to marriage. It isn’t ordinary; there are some highly possible reasons that could make a man choose not to marry You

You are self confident

Although self confidence we all strive for, and it’s one of your most empowering qualities, the fact is that sometimes guys can be intimidated by it. Guys are simply scared even to approach you, because you know your worth and are always sure in yourself. Most of them have a very fragile ego and just can’t take it to be with a strong woman such as yourself. It doesn’t mean you should put yourself down, just to find a man. Keep going and someone with the same amount of self-esteem will come along.

High Maintenance & You Don't Work

The high maintenance woman isn’t appreciated by most men, and many women tend to be high maintenance these days without knowing. When it comes to a serious affair like marriage, men tend not to favor this kind of women.

When You show that You are Desperately In need Of Man

A woman who’s desperate for a man isn’t really valued by men. When you become too clingy and desperate, your flaws become more obvious and terrifying, and your value would tend to drop. Desperation is a turn off for most men

When You have A bad Attitude

Every man wants a good wife with a good attitude, and not every woman has this. I’ve seen a number of men who love their lady but are scared of taking the relationship further, because of that eight letter word – attitude.

Men are scared of getting married to a lot of women for these reasons. They might like you enough for a relationship, but would be reluctant to take the relationship further. Search yourself to know which one is affecting you and make an amendment immediately.

You feel complete without a man

You are an independent woman who is able to sustain herself, emotionally and financially. There is nothing you can’t do alone that you need a boyfriend for. You didn’t lose hope in love, you are just aware of your individuality and are not seeking confirmation in a guy. You are not one of those women who identify themselves through their romantic partners. If the right man comes along, that is nice, but you feel complete without him in the picture too.

You don’t want to settle

You know that there is plenty time for you to find your Mr. Perfect. You know exactly what you are looking for in a man, and you don’t even think of settling for anything less. You are not looking for someone perfect on paper, you are looking for someone who will be perfect for you. But you don’t plan on being with someone just so you won’t be alone or just because society tells you it’s time to settle. Until you finally meet the right guy, you don’t have a problem with being single.

You are concentrated on your career

Before entering a serious relationship, you want to focus on your career first. You have spent most of your life studying to be what you are, and now, when you finally have your career, you are more than good in it. If you try to have a committed relationship, either your career or your boyfriend would have to suffer. So now you are aware that you don’t have the time nor the energy to be fully devoted to a relationship, so you’ve decided to put that aspect of your life on hold, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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