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What women really want in a man

Women are generally people who tend to be confusing for men. Most men find it very difficult to please or understand a woman because the way they think is really different from the way men thinks.

Most guys go out there to make a lot of money thinking this will satisfy their women but at the end of it all the case is really different. Don't get me wrong, money is an essential thing in a relationship but apart from money here are three things a woman want from a man.

1. Discover your purpose: Every woman loves a man who is purpose driven and very confident in his dreams. A man who has a purpose in life and is very keen to achieving it will be loves by his woman. A woman does not want a man who does not have any purpose or goals. Women want men who they can rely on and believe in. Discovering your purpose will make you confident and you will be fully respected by your woman for your self confidence in your goals.

2. Make your purpose/Goals a priority: A woman want a man whose purpose and goals is his priority. This does not mean you should not take your relationship serious but if you take your relationship too serious than your life purpose you will look weak to a woman. A woman wants a man that know when to do the right thing at the right time.

3. Never change your mind to please a woman: Whenever you change your mind to please a woman she will see you as weak and as a man that can't take decisions by himself. There are some cases that a woman would be right which you should agree to. Don't change your mind Just to please a woman let a know about your opinion if you don't agree with her.

With this principle you will find out that women will respect you more because they begin to see you as a real man.

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