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What Some Muslims Should Know About Lowering the Gaze According to the Glorious Qur'an


Marriage is a social institution, It can also be defined as a relationship between a man and a woman which is recognised by tradition or law.

Marriage has two main functions to perform: it is the means adopted by human society for regulating relations between the sexes, and it furnishes the tool using which the relations of a child to the society is determined.

The traditions and ceremonies of marriage have been different with different peoples and in different technological ages. but these two functions mentioned above are common even though, It always signifies the right of sexual intercourse as allowed and recognised by society and the duties of the parents in upbringing the children.

The messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessings of Allah continue to be with him) had once advised us on what to consider before we get married.

Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Prophet said: “Men decided to choose their spouses for four reasons:

1. For their treasury

2. For their rank

3. For their beauty

Lastly for their religion

"marry the one who is religious and you will succeed” (Bukhari, Muslim).

This formula also applies to women as well.

Though, religion seems not always leading in the minds of some people. It is perhaps the last ingredient on many Muslim lists.

According to my opinion, being a doctor legal practitioner is more important to many Muslim women than holiness.

And the men are not any better. Various matrimonial advertisements in Islamic publications, for instance, indicate a key demand for a wife who is “fair, skinny and beautiful”.

"If we want to have successful Muslim families then Deen has to be foremost", said the president of the Islamic Social Media Association of Kumbotso, Kano.

Marriage, the Islamic way, teaches various aspects of marriage such as how to find a spouse, the wedding and the post-wedding marriage relationship.

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Abu Hurayrah Allah


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