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Opinion: Number of Times Couples Should Meet In A Month

Do you know that one of the problems most couples face is balancing work and love making? Yes, this is a major problem and many couples end up in a tight situation while trying to balance the two activities but if you are a married man or woman reading this article, I will advise you read till the end for better knowledge.

First of all, you need to do away with the mentality or ideology that love making or meeting your partner is a duty". It's not a duty, the earlier you get rid of such ideology the better the situation. Love making is a necessary thing for every marriage that involves a man and woman because it's a physical proof that you both desire each other. While it is a proof that you both desire each other, it doesn't mean not having it regularly automatically means you don't desire your partner or there is no love.

According to some sex experts and also based on what I have read about the whole situation, every couple should try as much as possible to make out at least once in a week. Meaning in a month you will be making love 4 times. This should be the minimum for a healthy marriage because absence of copulation can lead to buildup of resentment and dislike for your partner which might ultimately lead to divorce or marital issues and fights. So you must ensure either as the man or woman to encourage your partner to at least make out with you every week least once.

Love making is not a duty, it is just a show of affection, though work often comes in the way of couples, taking love making as a duty would only make the whole thing more difficult for you. Just see it as something you do to show your partner that you really desire him or her and also learn to compromise for your partner because relationships are not built up on selfish interests but for the two of you. But never neglect copulation, it's very important in every marital relationship, no matter how occupied you are, make out time for your partner at least 4 times every month at least.

This is just my opinion, feel free to share and follow the handle. Thanks.

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