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Husband and wife relationship

3 Polite Excuses You Can Give Your Husband When You Are Not In The Mood To Make Love

When it comes to love making, both partners must be interested in it, and both of them must be satisfied at the end. If any of the partners is not satisfied at the end of the deep pleasuring moment, love making is incomplete. Likewise, if any of the partners is not in the mood for some pleasurable moments, such moment should not go on.

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Love making is very important in marriage. It is one of the most important activities that keeps marriage. Without love making, marriage may not last. But does that mean that the partners must always be available for it? No. A man may have the urge to make love, but his wife may not be in the mood. It will be very rude of the woman to drive the man away. But the below excuses can help drive him away without getting him upset.

1. Tell him that you are tired and you need rest.

No man would want to stress his tired wife. Just like everyone else, a wife has the full right to rest and most men respects that. Telling your husband that you are tired after the day's stressful activities will push him away when he wants to make love with you.

You must not be rude while telling him that you need rest. You don't have to squeeze your face. You only need to act like you are very tired and stressed out. Give him a tired countenance and he won't bother you again.

Please avoid doing this very often. It can ruin your marriage if your husband finds out that you are doing it on purpose. If you do these repeatedly, you are depriving him of his well deserved marital treats. He might start cheating on you.

2. Tell him that you are having some abdominal and body pains and you need to rest your body.

Your husband can never disturb you if he hears that you have body pains, especially abdominal pain. He will pamper you and make you feel comfortable without making love with you.

Just like the above excuse, be as polite as possible. Do not do it very often.

3. Simply tell him that you are not in the mood.

This excuse helps. You can simply tell him that you are not in the mood for love making. As usual, you need to be polite. You can use this words, "baby, I don't think I am in the mood for this. I don't think I am ready for this today. Don't worry, I'll give you what you want tomorrow. I am not in the mood today. I love you."

Your husband will understand and he won't bother you again that day.

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