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The Boy Was Blind But Still Have The Ability To Do Things Better - Disability Is Not The End Of Life

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Before we go deeply into this, you have to know that you are not better than those the disabled. Some people tends to run away from the handicapped thinking that is the only solution. The lord that made you is also the one that created them. So because you are healthy doesn't mean that God loves you more.

Sometimes, for one to be a handicap is indeed a great blessing from God. In know that you will think I'm crazy for saying this. But I'm not, I will give my proof.

When you are handicapped, you will stay away from all bad act that will make you sin against your Lord. You will always concentrate in your good deeds and never allow anybody influence you. During that time, you will move close to your creator and always do things that will please Him.

Don't you think that pleasing your creator is the greatest feelings ever? Even if the whole world is against you, but God loves you, you are very lucky.

If you look at other boys of his age, they don't know much about their creator. What they must be after is using big phones and having cars.

Your disability doesn't mean that you don't have the ability to do things better more than the able ones. I am very happy for this boy from the button of my heart for he is close to his creator. He can read and write the word of God. Our creator is really great. He did not give the boy eyes but He gave him the ability to know about his creator very well. Do you think that apart from God anyone can do this to you?

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