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5 Stages That You And Your Lover Are On The Verge Of Breaking Up

The process of ending a romantic relationship is generally not an easy one. Going by the findings of a study, people do not decide to break up with someone all of a sudden. According to studies, a relationship passes through stages before a couple decides to part ways.

1. Contemplation: When the first sign occurs, and a person feels unsure about the romantic relationship, this is known as the contemplation stage. A partner begins to wonder whether the relationship is heading in the right direction or whether something is lacking from it.

2. Preparation: This stage is when a person has made up his or her mind and wants to break up. However, a partner might be confused about how to proceed ahead and even take months to discuss the matter.

3. Action: Stage three is the action phase, which occurs after a person has either discussed or broken up with their partner, or has taken some efforts to begin it, such as limiting the number of daily calls or texts. As a result, some people enter this stage by simply cutting all links, while others may take it more slowly and gradually stop communicating with their partner. However, the couple is still together.

4. Maintenance: When one or both spouses are depressed, resist the impulse to meet and return each other's items. In this fourth stage, one partner is still hoping for the relationship to return to its previous state.

5. Breakup: If you do not get back together during the maintenance period, they will almost certainly never get back together.

In conclusion, having negative thoughts about your relationship may signify that it is approaching its end. However, recognizing these thoughts early (stage two) might help you identify places where you can improve your relationship and strengthen it, or at the very least be prepared for the future.

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