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Ideal Wedding Guest Outfits For Men

Wedding parties are often well celebrated by Africans in grand style. This is because we are a people that values celebration. An average Nigerian often stoms parties all dressed up. Sometimes you can hardly differentiate the celebrant because some people have dressed more than the celebrant. Lol. 

Back in the days, there were specific ways guests were expected to show up at an occasion, however, in recent times there are no straight rules to how one can appear as a guest at an occasion such as a wedding because 21st- century African modernized man. More so, it's a thing of joy so why dress like it's a funeral? 

In this article, I'm going to share some tips with you on what to consider when attending a wedding party and how it should influence your dressing. They are not rules but you may want to pay attention to them so you don't feel embarrassed by the way you look at a wedding. 

1. Consider your relationship with the couple

Although, it is very rare to see people attend weddings that they are not connected to in any way, however, it is still necessary to consider your relationship or connection with the couple as this will guide your choice of outfit except of course, you're buying aso-ebi ( a selected fabric and colour by the couples)

2. Consider the outfit or style selected

If you're a bit close or very close to the couple or are privileged to be among their train, you may want to consider sticking to the outfit or style selected for the occasion. This wiki helps you stay within what is acceptable at the occasion. If you do not have a direct relation with the couple, ask the person who invited you for a dress code. 

3. Consider culture and location

The way you will dress to a Yoruba wedding can not or at least, should not be the same way you dress to an Igbo wedding just because you're of a Yoruba origin. Consider this especially if it's not within an urban city or area.

The next time you're planning to attend a wedding, keep these things in mind and let it be a guide how you dress for the occasion. 

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