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Woman Celebrates As Her Husband Marries A Second Wife

"May Allah Protect Us From Jealousy And The Evil Eye"

A Muslim woman identified as Safa has expressed her happiness and excitement after her husband married a second wife.

Safa took to her Twitter handle to share the good news, praying for Allah's protection for her family.

The position of Islam on polygamy is clear: a man is legally permitted to have up to four wives. However, this permission is restricted by the Quran's saying that justice must be done, and if a man fears injustice, he must be content with one wife only.

She wrote:

"I have a co-wife y’all!!!!! I’m more excited than my husband. May Allah grant us tawfiq and protect us from jealousy and the evil eye. Ameeen"

Women can pretend whether islam, christianity, buhadism or paganism. Who doesn't know that women doesn't like someone sharing their space and air with them.

She doesn't have a choice, her religion permits it so no big deal about that.

Any Muslim woman knows things like this will always happen. It's their culture but christians will start thinking that she is pretending.

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