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Know if it is right for a lady to ask a guy out

It's Wrong to ask a guy out as a lady!!!!

I don't care how far civilization has gone, and it's looking like it's no big deal anymore,I still maintain the stand that asking a guy out is wrong!!!!

Please ladies let's help the matter on ground.

Rape everywhere

Wife battering all over

Divorces on the high rate

Could it be that the system has been changed, that's why things are getting out of hand????

Lots of marriages aren't working anymore!!!

Even if it were to be working, lots are just bunch of managing marriages directorates!!!

The man has no respect for the woman!!

How would he not??when he wasn't even interested at first but you lured him in.

Let's stop this mess!!

I Know the rate of women to men is very little but is it not better the few men that are available,get married right and live Happily, while other women seek other things to do with their lives.

Like seriously,why kill yourself to marry a man,and end up at the end getting divorced with him, and you remain single a Tokunbolistic Single going around with one child.

Men are loosing sanctity for women like something else this days.

Before now,in the time of my mum.......she told me ooo

Men will do anything to get a lady but now is a lady that does anything to get a guy....and we say everything is okay!!!!

A guy was at a spot and was calling me to come meet him some months ago, and I was like.... it's no more a guy meeting up with a lady anymore but a lady meeting up.

The most annoying part is, when you resist,they just begin to make you feel like they are doing you good.....some say, it's a privilege sefffff.....kaiiiii

Some will just walk away angrily!!!

Guys are now pompous in Relationships,cus they know they are hot cakes dem dey rush us!!!!

And we are the ones giving them that accolades!

Lady please keep calm


Wait for him to do the chasing!!!

The only work you have to do as a lady is to make yourself, visible and findable....


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