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RELATIONSHIP: The 3 Latest Dating Traps To Avoid

The WhatApp and dating app generation have their new world of dating life and with it comes trends, which has a lasting effect on their life.

Gone are the days when our dating life simply meant being in love, going out for dates and the lucky ones later got married and a few unfortunates ended their relationships and move on. Definitely, there were problems in their paradise but quite a different set of hurdles that the millennials, perhaps cannot, relate to these days.

Interestingly, the dating trend that is keeping the youngsters busy these days is called ‘fireworking’. Yes, you read it right. But do not mistake it to the fireworks that lit the sky during Diwali. Or, maybe there is some.

Last year, ‘stashing’ became the most popular dating trend and it spread like a wildfire that caught the fancy of many. Fireworking is just the opposite of stashing, which meant keeping a dirty secret. When a person treats his love life like a dirty secret by keeping his lover away from friends and family, his lover becomes the victim of stashing. Now, fireworking is exactly it’s opposite. The person who indulges in fireworking is called a fireworker, who dates a person only to show off the partner to the world. And he does that for some reason—either to make an ex-partner jealous or just to prove that he has an exciting love life. However, the most important ingredient which goes missing in such relationships is love. The other partner who becomes a victim of fireworking may not even be aware of it.

So these are the few things to look at:

1. You are treated like an eye candy

If you feel that you are being treated like eye candy, do not dismiss your doubts as baseless. Fireworkers want their partner to be perfect all the time because their only intention is to show off the lover. So, the stress to appear immaculate in front of others is not without a reason.

2. Frequent social media updates with the partner.

Most people love updating pictures with a lover on social media once they make their relationship public. But if a partner falls in love, or pretends to fall in love, just to display it on his social media, this almost qualifies as fireworking. Red flag: your partner taking too many selfies with you and uploading it on his Facebook, Instagram or any other social media account even without consulting you may be a bad sign.

3. The partner grows cold when he is with you

If you notice a sea change in your partner’s affection when you are with friends and when you are alone with him, you need to be careful. This might be an indication that your partner’s affection for you is just a façade meant only for public consumption.

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