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7 Signs That Someone Is Flirting With You Over Text

Don't worry if you think you'll never be able to discern if he likes you just by texting. Even while you may not be able to know how he truly acts only on a few texts, there are subtle signs that he cares about you. It may take some time for you to pick up on some of these hints, but once you do, there will be no doubt in your mind about how he feels about you. You can determine if a guy likes you over text in a variety of ways.

1. He is the one who initiate texts.

See who initiates the texting discussion. Is he the one who initiates contact or are you the one who initiates contact? Does he try to strike up a discussion with you, or does he merely respond to your request? If he initiates and responds fast, it's a significant indication that he's interested in you and likes you.

2. He is quick to respond.

While you can't expect someone to text you when they're busy at work or on the road, it's a good indicator if your potential future spouse responds as promptly as possible. A quick answer, is one of the most telling signals that someone likes you over text. It's a technique for them to demonstrate that you're important to them. It's also a sign that they're enjoying their conversation with you and want to continue it.

3. His chats are engaging.

They won't respond with a single word, such as "yeah" or "i dont know" Instead, they'll express their emotions, tell you about their day, and, most importantly, inquire about your life. In other words, “your texting chats will be deeper and meaningful and it will appear that you are forming a stronger bond. This is true even if the person isn't a major "texting fan." They'll still want to do more than pass over facts and information, since they realize how essential it is to you. (Once you've gotten over the chatting stage, they may reveal they don't like texting but did it anyway since they wanted to talk to you.)

4. They apologize for being gone

While there's no need to grumble if they miss a text, it's a good sign if they quickly apologize for the missed message. “ This demonstrates that they are considerate, as they don't want you to worry why they haven't responded to your texts, and that they value your relationship.

5. His responses are always more than one word

Are his texts brief and uncomplicated when you receive them? Or are they lengthy and information-packed in order to keep a conversation going? If they're too short, he's not interested in you. If a guy sends you a long text message, it's because he wants to discuss the subject with you. He goes to great lengths to keep the conversation going with you because he likes you.

6. He ask you a personal question

He clearly likes you if he has been asking deeper and more personal inquiries about who you are as a person. There's a reason why guys don't pay attention to some details. If he asks about your life ambitions, it's to see if you and he are on the same page.

7. He expresses his admiration for you.

Clarity will arrive at some point. If a guy receives signals that you are interested, he will reveal his feelings and come out and declare he likes you. He may take some time to be thus blunt, but he will finally say it in his own unique way. Hopefully, this will happen in person first, followed by a text message confirmation.

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