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OPINION On Whether Age Matters In Relationships

Yes, age matters in relationships. If you think back upon your own life, in the past six months you must have learnt more than you knew before. This learning process probably decreases as one grows older, but each experience and each month counts. Thus, you can imagine the cumulative knowledge and experiences of a much older person.

Coming to relationships, people who talk about age being only in the mind or those who give examples of May - December marriages never talk about how long such relationships last and what they're actually based upon.

Large age differences mean large gaps in common experiences and knowledge. We learn through living, making mistakes and doing varied things.

A 40 year old and a 20 year old usually have extremely different points of view on any given topic due to the difference in their life experiences.

Added to the above factors, each generation has different cultural and social references. One can feel affection for the other and even try to bridge the gap through constant explanations and so on, but it's never as fun as when you don't need to explain yourself because the other person gets it instantly.

The older partner probably enjoys the physical attractiveness of the younger partner, while expecting care in his or her old age from a younger stronger partner.

The younger partner probably looks up to and admires the knowledge of the older partner and experiences security from the wealth, power and position of the older partner and maybe even enjoys the perks of being associated with a powerful person who is set or established in his or her profession.

However, these things don't really matter after a while. It will never be a partnership of equals and the differences will become more obvious after a while, when the romance dims a little.

Usually, the woman is the younger partner and is content to play a subservient role, while the older male is the provider and has all the power and the experience and values a young innocent and inexperienced partner who can be moulded as per his preferences.

When the male is the younger partner, it doesn't work out that well, usually, because of the socially conditioned male ego and the need to be counted as someone in his own right. He can never compete with his older partner due to the lack of years of experience and that can be frustrating.

So, although the chances of such a relationship working out are slim, like all relationships, it depends entirely on the two within the relationship and their particular circumstances, needs, chemistry, will and commitment to make it work.

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