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"Wonder Shall Never End" See How A 15 Year Old Boy Claimed He Loved An 18 Year Old Girl

Love is something every one on earth must experience, but two young individuals are actually in these shoes, but it so turns out that one of them which is the girl, does not love the boy due to age difference, age difference is a very big deal, but looking at the situation the girl also went on saying are junior brother is younger than the boy who claimed to love her, what do you think of this situation?, let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Back to the issue the boy claimed his senior brother is very handsome and many girls came to him which he resisted, the boy went on saying the girl has grown more beautiful and he likes her.

The girl replied saying she can't date him because, of the age difference making the 15 year old boy a younger brother to her.

The boy claimed that it does not matter to him, but it really seems like a big deal to the girl, so she did not give in. What do you think the boy should do? Or do you have any advice for the girl. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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Wonder Shall Never End


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