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First 2 Steps That Singles Who Are Starting A Relationship With The Aim Of Marriage Should Take

There are 2 types of mistakes in life - avoidable and unavoidable mistakes. In the former, humans have the power and ability to avoid their occurrence unlike the latter where one cannot stop them from occuring no matter how skillful, intelligent and cautious the fellow may be. It is not different in relationships. Most of the mistakes people make in their relationship journeys could be avoided if only they do the right thing at the right time, and in the right way.

Needless to say, people may enter a dating relationship with different motives - fun, material and financial benefits, emotional satisfaction, marriage etc. However, if your primary aim of starting a relationship is marriage, you should pay attention to this content because, it can save you from regrets and pains.

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If you are mature with the mind of starting a committed relationship with someone devoid jokes and temporary fun, the first 2 Steps you should take are as follows;

Step 1.

The first thing you should both do in the first month of agreeing to be in a relationship is to COLLECTIVELY visit a laboratory, get yourselves tested, and get the results together at the same time.

Step 2.

Do not rely on the first results you got because there can be some mixup on the process. Visit ANOTHER laboratory for a confirmation test, so as to know where you belong before putting your all into the relationship.

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Imagine investing your time, material and financial resources, energy into a relationship you have built with someone only to find out at the eleventh hour when you must have fully grown into the fellow that you are compatible genotype - wise.

Assuming you are having an online relationship, it is not different. Try to create time for yourselves, meet in person and carry out the above steps.

No one will lose sleep over ending a relationship that is just a month old, assuming you are not compatible. 

This is a simple exercise that can save you from unnecessary pains that will take you months(maybe longer) to recover from. Some people may have been happily married by now if not that they discovered when they were making marriage plans that their genotype is not compatible. The relationships did not just end but ended with excruciating pains.

The best cure ever known to man is PREVENTION.

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