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4 Questions You Should Ask Your New Lover

Here are four questions you should ask your new lover to know the kind of relationship she wants. We all have different reasons why we fall in love, some may prefer long-term rapport while others we settle for short-term, whichever way, it is better to have a clear view.

1. What happened to your previous relationship?

This will help you to understand the best way to treat her. For instance, if your new girlfriend broke up with her ex-boyfriend because he cheated, you will have it at the back of your mind that she does not like to share her man with other ladies, this is very important. Life is all about choice, what is appealing to you may not go down well with me, vice versa.

2. What kind of rapport do you want?

It is always advisable to define your relationship with her, it will help a lot. Some want something serious and may need to build a long-lasting rapport, no matter what the reason may be, try as much as possible to do the needful, I think it will do you more good.

3. What is your genotype?

This particular question may sound funny but it is necessary, do not wait until you have gone far in the relationship before you ask for her genotype. The reason why you should know this is because your love life may lead to marriage unless you are sure of your genotype.

4. What are the things you love most in a relationship?

No doubt, it is the wish of both parties involved for their relationship to stand the test of time and not the other way round. It will allow you to know her likes and dislikes, life is good.

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