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Meet Mad Couple That Had 3 Children And Lived Together For 22 Years

- The story of this mentally unstable couple were really inspiring. Because many sane being around the society today never had a good relationship. This story have kept many people with puzzled mind.

- The mad man is identified as Samade. He is a graduate of applied physics in University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Samade is a very talented person that has many abilities. His madness couldn't snatch away is abilities and talents. He has this melodious voice and this mad dance steps, which attracts many attention from the passersby. Many admire him and wish he don't have this mental challenge . Infact, he is very entertaining.

- At no distant time, he got to another mad woman by na Cynthia. They were always seen together in the village. They do everything in common. And that's how they began to make babies till it's over 3 children. They lived in a self built self-Contain at popular Orile bridge junction. Sometimes, they may be seen quarreling, but no one can tell how they settled there differences.

See there Photo;

- The little challenge they had is that, they don't speak the same language. Samade is a Yoruba man, while the wife Cynthia comes from the Eastern part of Nigeria. Till now, no one can tell how they consented to get married and have only 3 children. They lived together with no long separation, infact, this couple were the envy of many married people in the village. In character, they are photocopy of Romeo and Juliet. They have been seen several times in the village kissing, hugging, caressing and having romantic affection for each other. They never went to marriage classes, counselor, they don't have any work but only begging, still they lived happily than many normal couple in the world.

- The story of Samade and Cynthia thought many people lesson, that if mentally unstabled can sustain a romantic relationship, then a normal being can do better because they are on better advantage.

- So sad that Samade died 23rd of July, and later Cynthia died on 3rd of September. She died out of loneliness and depression. The both couple died in same year. Their children were adopted by 3 different families whose lives were inspired by the romantic life of the mad couple.

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Nsukka Orile Samade University of Nigeria


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