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4 Tips To Improve Lovemaking

While dry spells are inevitable part of any relationship, they provide little comfort to couples who are going through one. The intimate impulse is extinguished by familiarity. Intimacy becomes less fascinating as we grow accustomed to someone.

If your romantic life is waning, here are some fast techniques to help restore the passion.

1. Make an effort to communicate with your partner. According to study, couples who talk to one other about their interests and aspirations have better physical intimacy and a happier relationship. Tell your lover what you enjoy and what you despise. Share your deepest wishes and fantasies. If you're too shy to share your intimate thoughts with your partner, write them down in a narrative or a diary entry for them to read.

2. Maintain a healthy level of physical affection. It isn't necessary for every romantic encounter to culminate with lovemaking. You and your lover can have fun in a variety of ways. Take a bath together or offer each other a sensuous massage. Teach each other how to be touched in the ways that you prefer. Or simply cuddle. Kissing and cuddling are vital for sustaining an emotional and physical link, even if you're fatigued, tense, or unhappy.

3. Exercise. Working out improves your stamina in bed and puts you in a good mood. Exercise also increases self-esteem and makes you feel better during intimacy by toning your physique. It's unclear how much physical activity you'll need to boost your love life. Start with the basic guidelines: moderate - intensity of aerobic activity per week and two days of strength training per week.

4. Consult a therapist who specialises in intimacy issues. If you're having problems in the bedroom, you should consult a therapist. S£× therapists are qualified psychologists or social workers who can help with issues like sterility, erection problems, and so on. You and your partner can see a therapist separately or jointly.

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Credible Source: Harvard Health Publishing, Couple's Health Journal and Issues of Love Today, Lisbon.

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