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Opinion: Relationships Are Stronger When You Are Best Friend First, Then Couple Second

Have you met this one person that makes you feel more happy and comfortable than anyone else?. Your best friend right?. You just want to spend every minute with them, tell them about your day, what you are going through and could easily expose your secrets to them.

Most Best friends do not end up as couples. That might be due to one of the best friend friend-zoning the other, or they are both scared to lose the friendship. Or do not share romantic love. But those who finally end up together normally have the strongest relationship

Admitting to your best friend could be a headache. You might both have feelings for each other, but telling each other will be very hard. And it's true, that once you have open upon how you feel about them you would hardly go back to how you use to be.

But if it's what you want, why not take the risk?. But first you need to read the signs if she looks interested too or he/she is just being your best friend which could be hardly determined.

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