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5 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship And How To Fix It

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Nearly everyone knows how to spot a healthy relationship. Doesn't it? When you are in such a relationship, everything works out perfectly so much that you need no soothsayer to tell you where the relationship is heading to. A healthy relationship is one which is open to making decisions together, openly and genuinely discussing any problems together. 

Toxic relationship, on the other hand, is another story entirely because when you are in one, it can be harder to see red flags under the guise of being in love with your partner. In this article, we shall take a look at some signs, or indicators of a toxic relationship which are often ignored for love’s sake. Hanging on the nature of such relationship, signs of toxicity can be crafty or highly obvious to see. 

1. Lack of support.

Your time together has ceased being supportive or positive of your goals. The fact is healthy relationship must be built around mutual desire to seeing each other to succeed in all areas of life. But when things turns toxic, every breakthrough or achievement becomes a race. You, in other words, feel they don't have your back. 

2. Toxic communication. 

If your conversations are evidently filled with hostility and criticism and begin to avoid talking to each other, it simply means you are in toxic relationship. 

3. Controlling behaviours.

Questioning your whereabouts, or becoming overtly annoyed when you don't pick calls or answer texts are both signs of controlling behaviours which can add to toxicity in your relationship. 

4. Dishonesty.

Finding yourself constantly making up lies about whom you meet with or your whereabouts to avoid spending time with your partner. 

5. Lost relationships.

You stop spending time with family and friends to avoid getting around to explain what's happening or avoid conflict in your relationship. 

Can a toxic relationship be saved?

Many people think a toxic relationship can't be saved but doomed. This isn't true. The deciding factor is both partners must show willingness and commitment to change going forward. But note that if only one of the partners is ready for change and the other isn't, there is little probability that the desired change will occur. 

Here are a few things you can both do to fix your toxic relationship.

1. Willingness to invest.

You both must express willingness and openness to invest in making the relationship works once again. This may be achieved by deepening conversations or setting aside fixed blocks of time for spending quality time together. 

2. Acceptance of responsibility.

Both partners need to accept responsibility by recognizing past behaviours that have harmed the relationship. This is key as it reflects self-awareness and self- responsibility.

3. Shift from blaming to understanding.

If you're both able to steer clear of blames and more towards learning and understanding, there may definitely be a path forward. 

4. Don't dwell on the past.

Let your past quarrels, or misunderstandings be by-gone and let it belong to the past. Part of process to repairing toxicity in relationship is to address the past, but it will do you no good when you are constantly referring to the past events. Try to resist the temptations of constantly referring back to negative scenarios. 

5. View your partner with compassion.

When you are pushed to always blame your partner for every problem in your relationship, always take a step back and look at the potential motivator responsible for their behaviour. Are they going through a tough time at work? Is there family drama that is weighing heavily on them? Although there aren't excuses for bad behaviour, those questions asked can help you to better understand where your partner is coming from. 

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