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8 Psychological Signs that can Help You Read People Like a Book.

From time immemorial,the psychology of human nature remains a subject of discussion among social scientists. As unpredictable as humans can be, there are psychological signs we can pay attention to which tells a lot about a person's personality and psychology. The understanding of these signs will enable you to read people like an open book. These signs are:

1. The speed of eating — most fast eaters are known to be ambitious people,go-getters with a little touch of impatience. Slow eaters on the other hand are one for patience and savoring life’s pleasure.

2. Response to insults — Those that tend to be people pleaser are the ones who accept every insult,the who are insecure do get super-defensive while those that joke around insult are regarded as confident people.

3. Ability to express emotions — It is believed that people who find it difficult to talk about their feelings do have an unhealed traumatic history. 

4. Showing anxiety physically — Those who engage in repetitive behaviors like nail biting and foot tapping tend to be perfectionists.

5. Behavior towards better people — When people talk in an awkward way about people that are actually better than them,either in their field or profession,it means they feel threatened by the person and are also jealous.

6. Who they talk about in a conversation — People with low self esteem or self worth do deflect questions about themselves while Narcissistic people do find it hard to stop talking about themselves.

7. Ability to take a joke — those who doesn't seem to take jokes lightly are easier to offend.Those who are easier to offend are generally believed to have big egos and the higher the ego,the lower the self esteem.

8. When pointing out their mistakes — they have big ego if they get offensive, a victim mentality if they blame it on others, humble if they can accept.

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