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How To Overcome Break Up

Sometimes we use relationship to see ourselves more clearly. Relationship isn't a failure just because it doesn't end well. Its normal, break often happens between two lovers mostly one of them might decide to move on with another person or something transpire between them that led to breaking up . If you breakup with your partner and you find it really hard to move on, try these tips its really gonna help.

- Cut off contact

Don't try to be in touch wit him/her. You don't need to be friends. keeping an ex as a friend is not a sign of maturity, knowing how to take care of yourself and your emotional well being is what maturity is.

- Let's go of the fantasy

You should try let by gone be by gone. It has happened, stop holding to the past. Move on don't try to be angry, the point isn't to stay angry but to remember the full truth that the relationship has ended. Letting go of it will be an important part of forgiveness and healing process.

- Make peace with the past

Nothing hurts more than when someone you gave your trust betray the trust you gave. But letting another's actions limit your ability to move forward means he or her she still exerts control over your life. Forgiveness isn't about letting the person off the hook for his or bad behavior, it is about your emotional freedom.

- Love yourself more

Moving on from a relationship that's not working is about loving yourself. For some it's the hardest part. Believing that you deserve to be a in a loving relationship with someone who shares your values and treat you well requires that you view yourself in a positive light.

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