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9 Things Women Do That Men Love

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There is a whole list of things women do that men absolutely adore. A good thing is it is more than just good looks or an attractive body. Here are some of them which I am aware of:

1. Adjusting the necktie

This one is for married men or those who are in a long term relationship. A man loves when his woman adjusts his necktie. It is an adorable and intimate gesture.

2. Moments of silence

A man loves the company of his woman in silence sitting on the touch lying next to each other.

3. Wear his shirt

A guy may not tell you this but men you wear one of his shirts, he falls for you a little bit more. He will celebrating it on the inside when he sees you walking around in his T-shirt.

4. A good sense of humor

If a girl can make you laugh with her jokes, you will simply adore it. Men love it when a woman can take a good joke and equally give it back.

5. Food

Good food is always a man’s weakness. It’s not that men want to see women in kitchen but they will be happy to come home and have a meal cooked by their girl.

6. Flipping hair

Don’t ask why but men love it when a woman flips her hair.

7. Touching gently

Men love gentle touches that are infused with romantic potential. It drives them crazy every time.

8. When She Bosses You Around: Nothing beats the cuteness of your girl trying to boss you around and you letting her. She'll correct your smallest of habits and you cannot but soimply love the way they do it.

9. A Girl Tying Her Hair: Ask any man and they'll certainly tell you that one of the most lovely sight of a girl is when she is tying her hairs. They would simply hold the clutcher in between her teeth and raising both hands to tie the hairs in a bun or pony. That simple sight is totally irresistible for most men.

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